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June 23, 2009

Keira was pretending to be a mom.  I was the kid.

She crawled under the covers.  “I’m sleeping.  I have a headache.”


Epic Headness, part 2

June 10, 2009

Where did we leave this? last Friday? Okay.  Pain was in full force that night.  Saturday: Urgent care clinic.  Nothing but a bill, “ride it out” and a really bad mood.  Excuse me, I’ve “ridden out” Paxil withdrawal and childbirth.  You are on my List.  kthx.

Monday: in agony by now.  Called Dr. Andersen (my PCP).  She said come back in for a spinal tap & another round of IV cocktails.  I put on my Little Black Jammas and to the hospital we went.  The best anesthesiologist was waiting (seriously — one of my best friends called him on his cell @ 1am for her epidural) and watched in mild irritation as a lab tech cherry-picked a vein, leaving two nurses wrestling with my already-bruises armed.  I’d had 2 IVs, 1 IV-attempt, & another lab poke so it’s not like they were faced with a bevy of candidates.  I suggested finding a “pro” i.e. junkie (hit my laugh quota) then the anesthesiologist took over and found one.  Huzzah.  Then he did the spinal tap.  Trust me, this time the movie’s better.  If you had a good anestheperson it will be less horrible, though.  They had to take something like 12cc, which is only 12mL, but in terms of bodily fluids it’s rather enough.  They started the magic cocktail as soon as the IV was in, so not long after the procedure was done I, too, was done, at least in terms of consciousness.

Apparently while I was out Dr. Andersen & Adam discussed the possibility of my having a form of bipolar disorder, which a) is actually one of a few things I have not self-diagnosed [let’s talk about that wretched book that made me sure I had leukemia when I was like 13] and b) bothers me now that I think about it.  In the strictest sense, did she violate my patient confidentially? On the one hand, it’s a small town, his dad’s Dr. FIL, he’s my husand, my POA, we came in together.  On the other hand, he is a separate individual, it’s an issue she hasn’t even discussed yet with me, and I’m lying right there semiconscious.  I dunno.

Neuro appt in S-Town tomorrow.  Dr. Neuro is already on the Made of Awesome List because he returned calls to Dr. A on his day off and made room for me in his schedule to be seen then rather than six weeks from now.

So anyway…I made it though my last hospital stay without screaming by evening but anxiety gets hard to ignore when your heart is trying to keep up with the blips on the vitals machine.  Knowing I was missing Jakob’s third baseball game didn’t help.  That night Adam brought movies, cuddling, and caught me when I got up to pee at 1am and decided to black out instead.  I bucked a couple times in his arms to make it more exciting and give the nurses a thrill.  That was it until the post-breakfast discharge.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing as ordered; a bubblytastic bath, a long hot shower, some reading, some intarweb connecting, some phone calls, some writing.

A night ending with My Name is Earl and a relaxed feeling with a pain-free day is NOT a bad thing.  woot!

I’ll try to get some pics of my awesome bruises tomorrow.  Yeahhhhh.


This is going to be Epic.

June 5, 2009

Gretchen: You need to email me and tell me what the hell is going on!!!

Lin: Dear Gretchen,

My body hates me.


Gretchen: I’m going to smack you. Let’s try this again with a little more detail. *shines bare bulb of interrogation room right in your face*

Last Wed-Fri Adam & I had strep.  Fri night I started feeling crappy before bed.  Stomach a little weird, pre-migraine-y.  Woke up to full-blown pain and vomiting Saturday morning.  It responded to exactly nothing.  Double doses of Imitrex, five (not at once) Tylenol-3, repeated rounds of Advil…nada.  Between then and now gets a little fuzzy as to what the hell happened when and I swear the monkeys managed to steal a day or two in there.

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