This is going to be Epic.

June 5, 2009

Gretchen: You need to email me and tell me what the hell is going on!!!

Lin: Dear Gretchen,

My body hates me.


Gretchen: I’m going to smack you. Let’s try this again with a little more detail. *shines bare bulb of interrogation room right in your face*

Last Wed-Fri Adam & I had strep.  Fri night I started feeling crappy before bed.  Stomach a little weird, pre-migraine-y.  Woke up to full-blown pain and vomiting Saturday morning.  It responded to exactly nothing.  Double doses of Imitrex, five (not at once) Tylenol-3, repeated rounds of Advil…nada.  Between then and now gets a little fuzzy as to what the hell happened when and I swear the monkeys managed to steal a day or two in there.

Much pain.  On top of everything else, Adam’s parents have been tooling around the Canadian countryside so we couldn’t call them until Sunday or Monday.  I made my bravest attempt at socializing and went with the fam to the church picnic at Oak Grove.  Only there were, shockingly, people.  And bugs.  And noise.  And nowhere for a Lin to lie down,  like a chaise lounge with a summery beverage in one hand….  But that’s neither here nor there.  I lasted two hours before begging Adam to take me home.  Jakob rode home with friends and Keira got to bed at a decent hour.

Oh, right.  Saturday morning I went to the urgent care clinic and got toradol + compazine which didn’t remove said pain but the nausea was gone.  That was good.

Monday I decided I should try to work.  I hurt, but you know, I couldn’t just stay in the Cave o’ Doom forever.  As soon as I walked in SH asked what was wrong because she said I was “walking gingerly”.  So much for pulling off a semi-normal day.  I even did my hair that morning.  By 11 though I decided I was insane, managed to drive myself home, and crashed.  In Adam’s words, “I don’t really remember what happened…I think you just tried to Not Die.”

Tuesday we talked to Adam’s dad again and he called in a super-strong muscle relaxer.  The pills are 4mg and the instructions said “1-2”.  Well, friends, what does Lin do when given a pain medication limit? She starts at that limit, because her body is crazy-resistant to meds.  So I took 2.  Gretchen, I have never before hallucinated and sweet heaven, it was vivid and interactive and lasted a good six hours.  Thank the Lord I passed out after about three because while I was aware enough to know I didn’t need to fear the stuff, it was freaky as HELL to be THAT OUT OF IT.

Sometime later Adam decided it was time to take me in to the ER despite my pleading.  [I have huge, huge anxiety issues when in the hospital as a patient, stemming back to my thyroid surgery in ’98.]  They gave me IM injections of Demerol and a teensy drip of morphine.  I also got a CT scan, which made me think of how terrifying it must have been for Keira.  It came back clear and I went home with Lortab and Phenergen.  The Lortab was gone in less than 24 hours, fyi.  Still not the pain, though.  No.  The pain must go on. I couldn’t leave without confirming my dorkitude…the ER doc asked if I’d “been drinkin a lot”. Yes, that’s how he said it. Now. People. When medical professionals are inquiring about my water consumption, they say something like “…getting enough fluids?” When my friends are inquiring about the state of my alcoholism and whether or not I need more wine, they ask if I’ve “been drinkin’ a lot”. SO I SAID! “…well, I had a glass of wine Friday night…” before burying my face in my hands as he collapsed in laughter, hand on my head. GAH.

Wednesday.  Oh, wait, I had a PT appt w/ Julie on Monday.  Icepack and e-stim machine.  And Bio-Freeze…how I love thee, Bio-Freeze.  So I had another appt w/ her Tuesday, only when I got home I was in worse shape than when I left.  By Wed it was Miserycon 4.  I went in to my PCP, who decided it was time to place a call to her favorite neurologist and in the meantime get me admitted and start his favorite cocktail: Reglan, Ativan, & something that sounds like thymidriol but I can’t quite remember.  It gave me a lot of relief and I also got some rest.  I also got an MRI, which also came back clear. I was stoked that I got to keep in my nostril retainer [yay Glasswear Studios!] and got to listen to good music, which was in alphabetical order by artist. Alice in Chains, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle. The tech drily asked me to stop drumming with my feet, which totally harshed my mellow. All told, my pain level went from a 9 to about a 1.5 by the time I’d had a couple rounds and was released Thursday evening.

I did a lot better for the hospital stay than I thought I would, but by Thursday afternoon I’d had it.  I couldn’t get comfortable, I was fidgety, and I couldn’t focus on TV, reading, — anything.  I felt hollow and nervous and just ick.  At least I’d brought my own jammas and Thu morning I did my makeup.  Because I rock it like that.

Since then, I’ve been waiting for a call from my PCP and expecting the possibility of going in for an outpatient IV treatment.  I still hurt and it’s deep in my neck so it’s hard to ignore.  Anyway…she just called a bit ago and the neurologist wants me to start Topamax – daily drug, you’ve likely heard of it; anti-seizure commonly used to treat/prevent migraines – and wait for a call from his scheduler for a consult.

*breathes*  I think that’s it.  See? Epic.


  1. 1. That WAS totally epic.
    2. You weren’t kidding when you said you’re body hates you (xoxo).
    3. When you mentioned “Oak Grove,” for a minute there I totally thought you guys were like in Milwaukie (ha!).
    4. You’re blog’s lookin’ hot. :)



      I loves it and it looks hawt b/c of YOU *mwah*

  2. holyfreakinjeez! xoxox

    • Miss you, pretty!

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