I Should Have Known Better

July 8, 2009

Do not, I repeat, do NOT try a new hair product the morning of a Meeting.

It is a Bad Idea and you may wind up with Bad Results.  Lo, the battle to finish may lead to Lateness and Lateness in addition to Bad Results, my friends, is a Recipe for Disaster.  Take a moment to reflect upon the fact that “mood” is merely “DOOM” spelled backwards.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself painfully aware that you are sitting across the desk from one of the big dogs and you are the girl with Clean Hair That Looks Greasy Because You Made a Bad Decision.  But at least it’s styled…right?



  1. oh please tell me what you used! I never realized that about ‘mood’ and ‘doom’ before- thanks for pointing that out!
    And really, had I known about the hair– totally would have come to see it! Now go pour yourself a glass of wine and be glad its over with!
    (miss you too!)

  2. This is totally old BUT that is not the point.

    It was a Bed Head product…Boy Toy, I think?

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