aujourd’hui Keira a quatre ans

October 22, 2009

Keira is four years old today. [Pretend it’s still before midnight on the 21st.] It’s become a tradition to link to the announcement my friend Tanya made & my post about the experience.  They’re locked posts on eljay, so I will do a little c/p action.  Oooh.  Because I’m ridiculously behind, I’m also going to throw in my journal notes from spring to now.


Oct. 21st, 2005 at 6:39 PM

Hey… This is Tanya (aka LadderMonkey)

Lin just called me… *beams* I’m SPECIAL!!!

Keira Alexandra was born at 12:57 a.m. Oct. 21, 2005.

6 lbs 7.7 oz

19 1/2 inches long

She and mom are doing GREAT! Lin just sounds soooo GOOD!

Keira had a CT scan today neurologist is 50/50 on what he thinks is going on. Her head size is normal and so they’re just going to do a “wait and see” kind of thing. They take her back in next week for a follow up visit.

Jakob has not met baby sister yet… but will today!

Lin says that daddy is in love… baby has got him wrapped around her little finger and she doesn’t even know it yet.
So, leave her LOTS of CONGRATS!!!!


Keira’s birth.

Nov. 17th, 2005 at 2:47 AM

Thursday 10.20 – Friday 10.21

[No notes from today. Come on memory, don’t fail me now.]

I had more contractions through the night. I was able to sleep through them and they were irregular so I knew it wasn’t labor, but I went in to the clinic to see if they’d caused me to dilate more. I was at 5cm; I went to talk to FIL and he said if I started having regular contractions he personally wouldn’t put me on the road. He called Perinatologist to see if she wanted me to head up tomorrow morning to have my water broken or what; she said that she’d actually like us to head up immediately.

I went through my mental inventory of what had been done and what needed to be done, called Adam, and set to work. Susan was up, so she french braided my hair. It ended up being three hours before we actually hit the road. I was having irregular contractions through that time. The ILs got the call that their new van came in, so we took what is now our van. Once on the road, partly out of curiosity and partly to stave off boredom, I started timing the contractions. Hello, they were 4-6mins apart and stayed there for the duration of the hour-long trip. Between writing down times, I made sure I had plenty of lip gloss, filed my nails, and finished reading Magic for Marigold.

We parked and were getting things out of the van when we realized that MIL hadn’t put in my hospital stay bag. [As opposed to my labor backpack, which I’d been carrying around for a week.] Adam called as we made our way from the parking garage to the skyway into the hospital and they said they’d bring it up. When we got to the front desk of the Women’s Center I was explaining who we were and why we were there when another couple came in. The nurses said they were expecting another couple in a few minutes as well, so it looked like it was going to be a busy night. At first they were clueless about us, even though Dr. W had said I would be expected, so they said they’d get me hooked up to the monitors in a room and figure out what was up. Finally a nurse came in and said they had been expecting me upstairs — 4th floor is where they handle the special stuff. Thus the confusion; I didn’t know that’s where I was supposed to go. They thought about moving me up there, but that nurse said nah, don’t worry about it since we were already set up in that room, because they’d just end up moving me back downstairs later anyway.

The hanging out commenced. The contractions stayed regular and were more intense than they’d been earlier in the day. I joked that it was a good thing it was CSI/Without a Trace night, because at least I had something interesting to watch while I was hooked up to the machines. The nurse that put in my IV was cool, but killed me when she put in the IV lock. She tried in my hand which, despite hurting like hell, didn’t work. Awesome. I got to experience it all over again on the side of my arm but at least she got it that time.

[This is where it breaks down chronologically and I just start spouting memories.]

Dr. W came in. She looked cute – all young and like she’d been having a good night. I don’t think I ever wrote about this, but she’s a widow. Her husband died within the last few years at an obscenely young age. Maybe a heart thing? They had three kids, I think. Okay, that’s really off-topic. Anyway. She said things looked good and agreed that Bebe had decided to make her appearance. She said she’d check in later and left.

They said I didn’t have to stay on the monitors, so I requested a birthing ball. Wonderful things, those are. I sat on it while Adam gave me a long neck- and backrub. After WaT I soaked in the tub and read Reader’s Digest. I walked around a little bit, wrapped up in the same robe I took to the hospital when Jakob was born. It’s dark blue fleece with stars on it. Dr. W came in and checked me and I was put back on the monitors. I was progressing so she said she wanted to wait to break my water.

All my nurses were awesome. Very sweet, made sure I was getting everything I needed, didn’t take hours when I called them. They definitely contributed to my good experience.

[I hate writing in fits and starts…I know I’m forgetting things. I’ll just have to come back later and add them as I think of them.]

By 11pm, the contractions were really strong. Adam would tell me what it got up to on the monitor and tell me when the peak was over so I felt like an end was in sight. I did a few different things to handle them, but mostly I stared at the pattern on the ceiling and concentrated on breathing while Adam played DJ. As the night wore on, my blood pressure started to climb, but the bebe was fine. I’m a little confused because all this time I thought I took some Stadol (IV pain meds) at 11, but Adam wrote down 12 in my planner. This is confusing, because I know by the time I had Keira it had worn off. Anyway, that one hit was all I took; no more IV meds and no epidural. I am so proud of that. The whole time my goal was not necessarily to go epi-free, but to see what I could do and how far I could get. I don’t regret having an epi with Jakob, but at the same time, it was such a different experience not having one and it resulted in a lot of positive things. Anyway I didn’t even like the Stadol; I got all loopy and dozed off a little, but it also took away my ability to concentrate and deal with the pain.

I believe it was midnight when she decided that it was time to break my water. They opened up all the cabinets and stuff — all the rooms are LDRPs — and what seemed like twenty women gathered. I was amused. Dr. W was awesome. I love her bedside manner. Random snatches of conversation would float over to me and that helped, too. Someone said I was really in control, which made me happy, because I’d been afraid of not being able to handle myself. Obviously after breaking my water things moved really, really quickly. It was bizarre when the urge to push hit, because I never felt it with J. It was every bit as overwhelming and hard to fight as I’ve read. At one point Dr. W was unwrapping the cord from K’s neck and told me to wait a minute. I yelled, “I’m sorry, I CAN’T!”

Keira Alexandra was born at 12:57am. 6lbs 7.7oz, 19.5in. They wrapped her up and handed her to me and I just cradled her in awe. She was so tiny and so perfect – and the hair shocked me. I expected another blonde fuzzhead. She was as laidback/exhausted as J was. I asked what time it was and how long I’d pushed. Dr. W said I pushed 10-15 minutes and then told me that Keira was OP — face-up. I had no idea until then. I’d had a lot of back discomfort the last few weeks but just attributed it to the extra weight and working at the house.

The after-junk began, which was honestly worse than the actual labor. I had these awful pains that were definitely not something I’ve read about that had me whimpering. In between those I shivered and shook and beamed with happiness. After a while I scribbled this in my planner:

It’s 3ish a.m. I’m blissful, but that’s quickly fading into sleepy. I just finished nursing Babygirl. She’s so sweet, with the longest fingers and the funniest chin. Just need to write down what I can remember before I forget…around 11 I had some Stadol, but that’s it. :-) I pushed 10-15mins. Little bugger was OP. Dr. W was amazing and kept saying what an awesome pusher I am. Adam even heard her up @ the front desk talking about how fast & determinedly I delivered an OP. I’m going to eat some toast & crash.

That’s it – for now at least. I know you didn’t get through it all but I’m too tired to play editor. I know, pictures are wanted. Maybe I’ll get some time tomorrow night.

March 2009

  • K brought up some tools from the play workshop and announced, “I have a checkup for you.” She peered in my ears with a ratchet, solemnly introducing herself as “Dr. Suzanne”.
  • I told K to ask for a bowl for her bear rather than emptying out what was in the one she used and she said “may I have a container for my bear?” – container! not bowl, container! I’m going to keep her.
  • K is convinced God drives a big white truck b/c that’s what the guy who pulled me out of the snow drives.

    May 2009

  • Snuggling K before bed – she was making lists: her aunts & uncles, guys she knows who are “nice guys” – when she veered off into the main bathroom being hers & Jakob’s “just the kids’. not yours. you have your own” and then listed people who had bathrooms. “…and God…does God have a toilet?” um, God doesn’t really need to use the toilet. “but I do.” yes. “and God doesn’t. and he has a big truck.”
  • J has made it clear he does not like to be called Jakey, wrestling Neighbor Boy to the ground to prove his seriousness. It’s understood that if J calls me “Mother” I will call him “Jakey” to remind him it’s the one thing I don’t like. K started giving people nicknames on her own this year, though — and he hasn’t once stopped her from calling him Jakey.

    October 2009

  • Note to self: K’s favorite new hiding place is under the right side of her dresser. Especially for things she steals from me. Like my lip gloss.
  • A sparkly button came off one of her sweaters in the laundry. She found it on the floor and brought it to me as I was poring over a Chinese takeout menu. “This fell off my sweater. Don’t tell Daddy…or the Chinese boys.”
  • Tonight K sat on the toilet and sang “happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me, Keira…happy birthday to me.”

    I love you, Snugglemonkey. You’re my favorite Keira ever.

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