dailykeira and randomjakob

January 23, 2010

I started posting the things Keira says every day and the things Jakob randomly comes up with; I didn’t mean to start with the New Year but hey, it works. Facebook and Twitter friends you’ve seen them, so I’ll throw them behind a cut. It’s a bit long, I know — my goal from here on is to post them weekly.

I know. This is totally a soccer mom thing to do. But my kids make me laugh my pants off…and soccer moms don’t dance to Incubus or listen to Melissa Auf der Maur. =D

Jan 1 – Currently: wearing hot pink sequined cape, an apron, and dress-up plastic heels. Last night: asked if God has snow pants.

Jan 2 – The week before Xmas I explained she has 2 g’mas & her great-g’ma died in ’05. K absorbed this. “Did she die in hot lava?”

Jan 3 – Jakob & Keira battled over a Matchbox car. J: “It’s mine!” K: “No, it’s PINK!! It’s mine!”

Jan 4 – I have reason to believe K cleaned the bathroom sink. With Dove liquid soap. With my toothbrush.

Jan 5 – I turned up the space heater. K: “oh good, it’s loud again!” That’s right baby. Next milestone is your first concert.

Jan 6 – J caught a few moments of my audiobook yesterday. Later overheard him singing…as David Sedaris as Billie Holiday. #randomjakob
– K asked to bring big stuffed Eeyore to sitter’s b/c “he likes snow.” I said sure & put him in the front seat. “Will you let him sit normally, like this?” She demonstrated. “I taught him how.” #dailykeira

Jan 7 – Walking downstairs w/ Grandpa J to spend the afternoon @ their house, unprompted: “It’s nice to see you today.”

Jan 8 – K had been reading to her doll when it fell from her lap. “That was my baby. I didn’t like her so I dropped it.”

Jan 9 – Took kids to Adam’s, who appeared w/ freshly shaven head. K exclaimed, “Daddy I didn’t want you to shave your head off!”

Jan 10 – Playing with her dolls and bears: “Would you like some tea?” “Certainly.”

Jan 11 – K dove for the phone. “I’ll handle it!” After a min I asked if it was for me. “Oh, it’s for me.” SIL had just asked for me.

Jan 12 – “Mom I had a loud slap fart! Did you hear it?” [she’s going to hate me for these one day. My work here is done.]

Jan 13 – Multitasking in a.m. I grabbed two heels to put away. J said gently, “…Mom, I don’t think that’s a matching pair of shoes.” #randomjakob
– “Why are we not supposed to eat dirty snow? Because I tried it and it tasted good.”  #dailykeira

Jan 14 – After a year of trying to convince an unwilling cat to sleep on her bed K Freaks! Out! if he tries. He’s confused, I think.

Jan 15 – Lin is cranky b/c J is dillydallying before school. J is somber. “You can’t stop me from reading, Mom.” Well then. #randomjakob
– K says “bless you” when she sneezes and calls the act of sneezing “bless you-ing”. #dailykeira

Jan 16 – “K, you lied to J. That’s wrong.” Face crumples – throws arms around me – says in fake-sob voice — “I forgive you Mom.”

Jan 17 – During hair-braiding: “I’m trying to hold still but my feet keep moving my face.”

Jan 18 – When she’s tired or in a hurry to get her words out she still says “nass wight” instead of “last night” — and I melt.

Jan 19 – Playing with her bath toys: “How are you today Mrs. Smith?” “I’m good, but others are not.”

Jan 20 – K & I were listening to the iPod – she asked to skip Jason Mraz but strongly approved of @xMAdMx [Melissa Auf der Maur].

Jan 21 – [usually J’s a morning person so this was especially amusing] “J, it’s 7. Time to get up.” “Nooo…how could this happen??” #randomjakob
– “Mama, I want to have a real mermaid tail. Will you order one online?” #dailykeira

Jan 22 – K loves to cuddle and talk in bed.  The other night she was curious.  “Would you like to have a flying toilet?”


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