The Year According to Jakob

March 8, 2010

Jakob turned 8 on Nov 4. EIGHT. Because 7 8 9. I can’t believe I have a second-grader. Notes from spring to now-ish [precious few, I know]:

Oh, great, we start with a sad one…He called himself “stupid” and my heart broke. On the other hand he’s having trouble putting down a book and I love it.

Saturday, April 25
J – What does suspended mean?
L – That you got in so much trouble they won’t let you go to school. You have to stay home.
J – *jaw drops* Then you can’t even learn!
L – Exactly.

He knows the different kinds of clouds.


He already outgrew his shiny black bike. He experimented with his dad’s old skateboard. He played soccer, baseball, and hockey and took swim lessons. Before you get your panties in a twist they don’t overlap and I know my kid. kthx.

January 5
He’s responding awesomely to my personal growth and changes in how I approach things. Not even changes so much as doing a much better job at what I was trying to do before. His teacher has noticed too.


Despite the tumultuous year, he has been doing well. Considering. His evaluations are often the highest in the class and always well above the goal. He is still very social, having worked through a more withdrawn couple of months before Christmas. The move to Orange City was hardest on him and he has thrived since being back in Sioux Center.

He’s taller still. His 12 slim jeans won’t work in the fall. He likes to listen to music & stories on his mp3 player before he falls asleep. Sometimes he finds games on the radio instead. He loves to read and grasps new math concepts without blinking. His teacher loves his personality and well-developed sense of humor.

I’ve made – and continue to make – so many mistakes with him. He’s so special to me; he was not a mistake but a surprise. An unexpected, undeserved gift. He was part of me learning that I could be a mom; how to be a mom. That I love being his mom. What it is like to be filled to bursting with such love it surprises you.



  1. Holy cow! My ten year old is wearing the same size jeans as your eight year old!

    • I know right?! I’m trying to decide if it means he’s going to be a basketball star and buy me a sweet house or he’s just getting the growing out of the way now.

  2. I didn’t know you blogged! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you. Sweet, sweet musings about Jakob… He’s such a honey. :)

    • I’ve been blogging on livejournal.com since 2001 (yikes!) but only one post is open to the public. The others are locked so only people on my “friends list” can read them. LJ also has a feature that allows me to make filters, or groups, so I can decide which people can read each post.

      After the “25 Things” meme was passed around I decided to start a public blog on wordpress — trouble is, I post sporadically due to busyness and waffling about just how much honesty is too much. :)

      Longest reply ever, but that’s how I roll.

  3. I found your blog via @Drmstream on Twitter. He always picks up writing that I like so following him is a pleasure.

    My kids are ‘all growed up’ now but I do remember the times when they were full of questions like ‘what is suspended’. I always loved these questions as children do look at the world in a unique way and can make you look at things differently too. My own personal favourite was a question from my eldest son when he was 4 to my mum. ‘Nana, does God wear clothes? If he does, does he have a washing machine?’.

    My own blog asks people what they wanted to be when they were 8 and I would love to know what Jakob would like to be.
    Beautiful post….


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