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April 20, 2009

This is old but, y’know, kind of a Big Deal.

February 1, 2008

I had a sales meeting in S-Town today [about an hour drive].  Keira stayed at a friend’s house.  I was getting sleepy so decided to pull into a gas station parking lot and nap for a few minutes.  I pulled in and was deciding where to park when something made me look up and to my right —

— a semi was coming.

I had a brief moment of realization – “this is going to happen” – and then impact.

I rolled twice.  I wondered briefly why I hadn’t landed yet…watched the windshield crumple into a million pieces.  Glass flew everywhere – the van gave up its shape – all slow motion.  Seconds rippled indecisively then rushed forward as I sat, stunned, as a woman ran up to me.

She opened the door, commanded me to unbuckle so she could help me out.  Gas was pouring onto the ground.  I stared numbly at her, fumbling with my seatbelt.  I had to find my phone.  It was on the ground a few feet away.  She found my bag and even went back to move a shoe from the ground to the van.  I found them for Gretchen today.  Leopard-print skimmers.  I stared at my makeup scattered on the pavement then realized a small crowd had gathered and was urging me to get away from the van; a man with a white truck eased me onto the front seat and I sat there shivering, answering questions.

There was an EMT whose blue eyes I clung to and an almost-EMT who warmed my hands.  Another told me about the time she was in an accident after I started leaking tears because we can’t afford another van or an ambulance ride.  I remember names.  Cat, Heather, Kim, Lisa, Tony

Despite being my high-strung self I was very, very calm.  I admit I’m a little proud that I gave them all pertinent information and didn’t turn into a blubbering mess.  And, being me, I made a few Linnariffic comments and made them laugh.  Which felt good.

I’m home.  I’m fine.  Glass cuts all over my body; left palm/wrist a bit shredded; right hip bearing a nice contusion.  Who knows what delights will surface tomorrow.

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