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25ish Things, Lin-Style

April 16, 2009
I way over-analyzed this list b/c I find it nearly impossible to describe myself. I’m pretty vanilla, you guys.
Shamelessly ganked from Facebook.
  1. In seventh grade I was 4’10 1/2″ tall. Now I’m 5’10ish”.
  2. I can’t decide if I’m freaked about my birthday.
  3. Office supplies make me happy. Mmm, pens.
  4. I research things to death. I have to learn about it before I can do or decide something
  5. I have no tattoos but five or six ideas. I almost got one in Oregon this summer but got my nostril pierced
  6. When Keira starts kindergarten I will go back to school for my BA in Sign Language Interpreting.
  7. I’ve seriously considered changing my name [like, a few months ago — not just when I was 12 :D].
  8. I loved the Photography class I took in high school. I’d like to take another.
  9. I cemented my treehugger rep by using cloth diapers, a pouch sling, a Moby wrap, & a mei tai [not the drink]
    w/ my daughter.
  10. I still think about and miss lost friends and people who have likely forgotten me.
  11. I love potatoes. No…I don’t think you understand. I love potatoes.
  12. In college I bought a stick shift, then learned how to drive it.
  13. Bird things make me happy.
  14. February 1 marked the one-year anniversary of Lin vs. Semi.
  15. Dr. Perry Cox makes me swoon and Jordan is my twin.
  16. I started teaching my kidlets ASL when Keira was 3 months old and Jakob was 4 years old.
  17. I wish I had some amazing, standout talent [other than reading Adam’s mind and playing Family Interpreter].
  18. It’s really difficult for me to initiate contact w/ people.
  19. I suck at making decisions.
  20. Linnet = one of my nicknames. Linnet also = a bird. I like that.
  21. Trees also make me happy.
  22. As does lemony goodness.
  23. February 6 – was Day One, Week One of my Couch-to-5K.
  24. I usually assume the worst.
  25. My family was vegetarian until I was 14. As a result I’m completely squicked by raw meat and picky about any “off” bits as I eat.
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